Welcome to the official website of recording artist RB. Originally from the state of Texas, he is hoping to use his lyrical versatility and life experiences to break into the hip hop industry. RB is a firm believer in his ability to tell his story through dance and uptempo music that his fans and supporters can relate to. RB has a strong passion for the inclusion of lyrical puns and metaphors as a driving force to success to create art through bass, dance, and reality. With the success from some of his previous mixtapes such as Robust, I go Looney Toones, and YOLO, RB has performed in various cities and been played on a few different radio stations. His newest project "Addicted to Music" set to be released in July of 2018, not only exemplifies his passion for music but also takes his perception of reality into a completely new realm of rhythm. Aside from music production RB spends a great deal of time networking and connecting with his fans personally to build stronger relationships in hopes of solidifying a successful career. RB lives by the motto that "Where words fail, Music speaks" through music with Real Bass! For the latest and free downloads please subscribe to the Real Bass Music movement today!